i am a contemporary mexican + indigenous composer, pianist, performer and creator that enjoys exploring extramusical ideas, as well as abstract imagery through literature.

although attracted to music from a very young age, i did not undertake formal studies of music until i started learning piano at age sixteen in tijuana, baja california, mexico at the escuela superior de musica de baja california. soon enough, it was evident to me that i loved music more than any other art form that i had explored. i prepared to audition at san diego state university under the guidance of Gaspar Peralta.

i continued my musical studies under Karen Follingstad and Tina Chong at sdsu, where i obtained a bachelor of arts in music, piano performance as well as a bachelor of arts in philosophy. currently, i am purusuing a master of arts in liberal arts and sciences.

at sdsu, i had the opportunity to work with musicians such as Sonya Schumann, Texu Kim, Sun Min Kim, Mark Fouxman and Daniel Pesca. i have also had the opportunity to study chamber music under the guidance of the Hausmann Quartet. in my musical formation both prior and at sdsu, i have been able to develop skills of collaborative piano and vocal coaching, for which i also have a background of two years of individual voice lessons and five years of choir experience.

my performing experience started at age 6 with yearly group dance performances at the centro cultural tijuana (cecut). Through the escuela superior de musica de baja california i was later programmed for piano or voice up to five times per year with some of my fellow musicians, getting the opportunity to perform in the sala federico campbell as well as the sala audiovisual.

before being a musician, i was a writer and a visual artist. as a composer, it only made sense to me to create music and, later on, explore the merging of the various artistic disciplines that i have devoted myself to.