teaching & collaboration

as the leader of a young studio, adaptability lies at the core of my teaching philosophy. this means not only adapting to each student in consideration of their personality and learning styles, but also creating an atmosphere where my students feel comfortable to be themselves and be open about their needs.

as a teacher, my mission is to help my students achieve their goal in studying music—whether that is tackling a project piece or learning music to enjoy themselves. my teaching implements various interactive activities that help develop the whole-musician, which also have helped keep younger students interested.

i believe that open dialogue lies at the center of a successful educational experience, and listening to my students wants and needs is of crucial importance. each lesson is tailored to my student's current interests and needs, as well as in consideration of what their goal is.

my studio has a beautiful 52" hailun HU5-P upright, as well as a large and constantly growing library of repertoire spanning from early elementary to advanced piano repertoire. If you would like to join my studio, you can reach out to me here.