here you will find my musical compositions—any recordings that I may have, and a full list of works.

son de aquí
tijuana is a city of migrants. there is not a singular music style that characterizes the city. many different cultures from not only méxico but around the world coexist here. this piece was written thinking of the sounds (sonidos) that are from "here" (aquí), the tijuanense community that distinguishes this city from many others in méxico.
the flight of the fairies
a brief character piece, the flight of the fairies is my first orchestral work. it was originally conceived as a violin duet in june 2020, and found its final form in an orchestral setting. this piece was first performed by the san diego state university symphony orchestra with conductor Samuel Jiménez-Romero in may 2022.
miniatures i
this is a brief set of character miniatures for the piano, all of which are loosely based in the abstract impressions of some of the people around me. this was also my first set of pieces, and it marked a moment in my compositional career: when my musical ideas went from unfinished thoughts to a full set of works, albeit short.